Community Support

Orphanage and Community Support

Development Africa supports orphanages across Nigeria by collaborating with their existing programmes, creating events for
the children, improving infrastructures, and establishing income-generating initiatives. The annual events for orphanages and
low-income families provide necessary distraction and entertainment for the children.
These large-scale events include theme park rides, excursions, games, presents, meals for the children, and other activities. Most
importantly, they provide children who have often experienced hardship and trauma with positive reference points that can help bolster their emotional well-being.

To help community organizations thrive,
Development Africa researches and explores
cost-effective business models that can be
implemented at grassroots level to generate an
income, with minimal need for expertise and
administration. Income-generation initiatives
for orphanages have included the development
of basic poultry farms and bakery shops which
can be effectively maintained, while providing
a sustainable source of revenue to be invested
into the care of the children.